Judo for All Ages: Joyful Family Session in İzmir

İzmir, Türkiye, June 2024

İzmir Alsancak Jimnastik ve İhtisas Spor Kulübü, along with its partners, hosted a practical and joyful judo session for kids and families. Children built confidence and social skills, while adults benefited from improved fitness and stress relief. Mr. Mesut Kapan, a 6th DAN judo master, shared his thoughts on the occasion: “I have been doing judo for 49 years. Judo is my way of life. My wife, daughter, son, and even my son-in-law are all black belt judoka. Every time I do judo, I feel different, changed. Especially practicing judo with children, teaching them, and spending time with them makes me very happy.”

Judo Bridges Generations at Peter Pan Judo Trophy in Rome

Rome, Italy, April 2024

In a heartwarming display of intergenerational camaraderie, the Peter Pan Judo Trophy in Rome showcased a unique Judo exhibition featuring our project partner, Mr. Simone Ciaccioni, PhD, a 4th DAN judo master (University of Rome Foro Italico), along with his students from Judo School Scuola Judo Tomita.
As part of the JOY project initiative, spectators had the privilege of witnessing seasoned judokas over the age of 65 exchanging techniques with younger judokas. The Peter Pan Judo Trophy has become a fixed and unmissable event in recent years, attracting 250 participants and promoting solidarity and inclusive sports in Italy.

World Parkinson's Day: Embracing Judo for Parkinson's Patients: Introducing Gensoku No Genkei

Rome, Italy, April 2024
Gensoku No Genkei, adapted for Parkinson’s disease patients, has been presented by our distinguished project member Mr Attilio Sacripanti, PhD, 7th DAN judo master (IJF Academy Foundation) , a nuclear physicist and author of 164 scientific papers, with 295 international citations and 24 books. 
Gensoku No Genkei (原則の原型) is not just a kata of simple biomechanically-assessed human movements; it includes safe falling techniques and it serves as more than a sequence of motions; it is a pathway to neuro-rehabilitation. For those grappling with Parkinson’s, this kata offers a ray of hope, slowing down the motor deterioration often associated with the condition.

Beyond the Mat, Into the Future

Madrid, Spain, April 2024
Club de Judo Newton, led by Mr. Raùl Camacho Perez, an 8th DAN judo master and Paris 2024 Olympic referee, along with their partners, hosted a practical session that brought together individuals from 9 to 93 years old. 
They shared and enjoyed a special judo class designed for everyone, emphasizing:
* Breaking down barriers and building bridges
* Strengthening bonds across generations
* Empowering both the young and old